Wash it yourself or let us wash it for you!

Bio Security

Bake Bay —Electronically monitored high heat trailer baking facility capable of bringing the internal temperature of the trailer to 75°C
Undercarriage Wash—High volume wash designed to reach the underside of tough to reach pot belly livestock trailers. Can also be used for many other commercial transportation units.
Disinfectant—Calibrated disinfectant (synergize) is available in each of our wash bays.
Third Party Inspections—We understand that biosecurity is key to protecting our industry. Offering a third party inspection of our cleaning services ensures you will get the cleanest unit possible.
Yard Segregation—All of our facilities have segregated yards to separate pre/post washed equipment.
Trailer Dries—Each of our locations has thermally assisted dry bay’s to ensure no moisture is left inside of your unit.

Let Us Wash It For You

Need a break? Our reliable team of professionally-trained staff will ensure an exceptionally clean result from top to bottom, inside and out.

While you wait, relax in our lounge where you can help yourself to fresh coffee, watch TV, take a hot shower or do a load of laundry.

Do-it-Yourself Wash

On a tight schedule? Drive in to one of our 100-foot long wash bays, built to accommodate all types of transport vehicles and equipment: semi-trucks, livestock trailers, RVs, buses, flat decks, grain trailers and much more.

Each bay is equipped with everything needed for a thorough cleaning job, including a fire hose, two pressure wands, soap, degreaser and disinfectant.

Additional Services

Aluminum Brighten Washing
Grain Hopper Flushes
Dry Van Flushing—Need your van or container flushed out, we have high volume flush hoses available in each of our bays.
Powered Brush—We can make quick work of scrubbing your unit by utilizing one of our full height powered brushes.
Bedding Sales—We sell screened bagged shavings & straw at all 3 of our locations.
Bagged Salt—To keep your trailer from freezing in the winter, we offer bagged salt.
Coroplast Boards—We stock both 5X8 & 5X9 sheets of coroplast sheets to replace any boards necessary on your trailer. We also do full board kit installations.
Unique Equipment—Have something unique, give us a call & we would be happy to work with you to get your unit clean!  

Want to work at Blue Water Wash?

If you have a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, apply to join our hardworking wash bay team today!

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