Tractor and Trailer Washing

The start of Steve’s Livestock Transport

In 1987, Steve Brandt purchased the running rights (similar to running rights for milk quota) for an area in Southern Manitoba.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Wash Bay Service Begins

In 1992, there was a need for office space, a small shop, and a wash bay to service and clean the equipment. This need was filled by moving into the Quonset which still stands today in Blumenort, Manitoba.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Shift From Cattle Hauling To Hog Hauling

With a shift to hauling more hogs, there was a need to increase our washing capacity and office space. A new two bay facility along with a small office was built in Blumenort in 1995.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Increased Biosecurity Demand

Once again, as demand grew, a third wash bay was constructed to meet the needs for washing and increased biosecurity within the industry. This was the first concrete wash bay that Blue Water Wash built.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Brandon Location Opens

Blue Water Wash opens a wash location in Brandon, Manitoba which consisted of two wash bays.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

4th Wash Bay Added in Blumenort

In 2006, a fourth wash bay was added along with two thermal assisted dry bays.

Tractor and Trailer Washing

Dry Bays

Two thermal assisted dry bays constructed in 2006.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Blue Water Wash Brandon Expansion

Blue Water Wash Brandon expands to 7 wash bays, 2 separation pits, and a thermal assisted dry bay.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Acme Alberta Purchased By Blue Water Wash

Blue Water Wash purchased and renovated a truck wash in Acme, AB to better serve customers in the West. This building includes three wash bays and a thermally assisted dry bay.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Blue Water Wash Blumenort Expands

Due to increasing biosecurity demands and the need for more washing capacity, Blue Water Wash adds 5 new wash bays and 2 separation pits.

Tractor and Trailer Washing

Blue Water Wash constructs the first livestock trailer baking facility in Canada to meet the ever-increasing biosecurity demands. This bake bay can heat units to 167F to provide another level of biosecurity.

Tractor and Trailer Washing

Along with the first ever bake bay, Blue Water Wash installed the first trailer undercarriage wash system which got added later that year.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Brandon Bake Bay Constructed

A bake bay was constructed at the Blue Water Wash location in Brandon to continue to support the biosecurity needs in the industry.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Red Deer Facility Completed

2015 saw the completion of a brand-new facility in Red Deer, Alberta. This new terminal, home to Blue Water Wash, BVT Truck & Trailer Repair and Steve’s Livestock Transport was constructed to continue to serve customers in Alberta. The Acme location was later closed in 2016.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Red Deer Bake Bay

A bake bay was commissioned in Red Deer to accommodate the need to Heat treat units to increase biosecurity.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Wash Bays Added in Brandon

Two additional wash bays, including an undercarriage wash and new mechanical room was constructed in Brandon bringing the count up to 9 wash bays to service our customers out of the Brandon location.


Tractor and Trailer Washing

Heat Treatment Facility Constructed

In 2020, a remotely located Heat Treatment Facility was constructed and commissioned. Located away from any livestock related activity, this site provides a secure post heat treated trailer lot and bedding storage for any required high health transport.


Future expansion of Brandon

55 acres of land purchased in Brandon, Manitoba for future expansion.

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